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What Can We Learn from the Recent Supreme Court Nomination Process?

Posted on October 9, 2018 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (44)

What Can We Learn from the Recent Supreme Court Nomination Process?

Since the creation of our beloved United States of America, we have enjoyed liberty and opportunity. Among those most important pillars that citizens of many other nations do not enjoy are trust in our justice system and freedom of the press. Our nation is a Republic whereby we freely elect our representatives who make laws in our name. We are a democracy in that each of us has the right to vote as we choose. But that right has a concomitant responsibility that requires all of us to vote in our elections. Democracy works only when we vote!

In our 250-year history, only twice have all our qualified citizens in every town, hamlet and village voted: first, to sever their colonial status with King George in 1776 and again to confirm our Constitution and create our United States. Theirs were united goals. Imagine, the people of the thirteen colonies with little but their small farms and simple lives challenging history with an experimental form of government.

“We the people of the United States…” How quaint to us today. But these opening words of the Constitution that created a new form of government have enabled us to become the most powerful economic and military nation in the world. Our democracy works!

But it only works when the citizens assume their responsibility to protect these liberties by VOTING and being actively involved in their government at the local and national level in midterm and general elections.

Over the past sixty years, an average of only 40% of eligible voters cast ballots in midterm elections. In Presidential elections, just 60% of registered voters actually participated. These turnouts are too low to reflect the opinions of independent/moderate citizens and others who are not hard core members of the two main political bases. We should become at least 80% active in our electoral process.

During the past four months, all American have witnessed the tribal wars as our two major political parties with their counter prejudices battle each other in the “Advise and Consent” responsibility of the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee and Senate to approve President Trump’s proposed appointment of Circuit Court Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We cannot allow anyone but the best, most independent, non-biased, wisest individual to be seated on the U.S. Supreme Court. No selection should satisfy prejudices of any political party.

During recent years, these painful and fruitless political wars between our two political parties are driven by the so-called base of each; that is, the “extreme right” of the conservative Republican Party and the “extreme left” of the liberal Democratic Party. It has become clear that the governance of these United States of America has been left to the most active, most vociferous and extreme elements of both parties.

Since the years of the Richard Nixon era there has been a noticeable absence of the so-called “silent majority” including Independents and Moderates. As a result, by default, they have forfeited the governance of our country to the tribal far left and far right.

So, what can we learn from this debacle of the current nomination process of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and his confirmation by the Senate Judicial Committee and the full Senate?

We must learn that it is imperative all Americans cast their ballots for their Congressional Representatives and Senators in primary and general elections just as the colonists in favor of the Revolutionary War of 1776 and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1783.

All Americans must accept the responsibility and blessing of the right to vote for the candidate of our choosing. That is what liberty is all about.

The electorate of the United States is at a crossroads as evidenced by these political, prejudiced tribal wars that cause unnecessary gridlock and lack of wise and proper compromise. The powers of the extremists must be reduced by the simple addition of a more diverse electorate that is composed of Moderates, Independents and others.

By understanding the current political issues, listening to various arguments on all sides, and casting our vote, we, the American people, will add our silent majority vote to those of the far left and far right.

Our opinions do matter! Participation in our electoral process will bring diversity and broader representation of all the people and truly fulfill the opening words of the Constitution: “We the people of the United States!!”

Exercising your freedom to vote is an important lesson we must all learn!


Syrian update

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (6)

I just read an NBC interview with President Assad.

He keeps saying whether he remains President of Syria depends on the wishes of the Syrian people AND not the interests of the U.S. government which he believes has no true set of policies, but rather appears bent on chaos in the Middle East.


Hillary is doing Israel's bidding and Assad is willing to fight to get all those terrorists out of Syria and defeated.

He says Russia's interests are to defeat ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Nusra, et al before they attack Russia.

But he believes the U.S. should be fighting ISIS much more effectively than it is now.

The U.S. has, as we know, hired mercenaries to fight Assad, with financing from Qatar and Saudi Arabia (we knew this but it’s rarely reported in the U. S. media).


It seems to me that Assad should not be "removing" our president and conversely, the U.S. (Obama/Hillary) have no business removing the president of a sovereign nation, Syria - as we did in Libya, Egypt, Iraq.


He intends to defeat ISIS, et al with Russia's help, but welcomes the U.S. in that fight.




Latest Syrian Situation and Concerns

Posted on August 28, 2016 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (1)

Propaganda for Syrian ‘Regime Change’ – Consortium News


Those damned Neo cons are at it again. see this link -

They (Israel) want regime change, "nation rebuilding", in Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran.

Bush followed their urging and destroyed Iraq! Now they want Obama and maybe Hillary (if elected) to attack Syria (which means fighting Russia and Iran).







The U.S. already destroyed Iraq,

Essentially allowing ISIS and Al Qaida to flourish and use the arms we left,

Allowing ISIS in Syria and to destroy Syria causing millions of innocents to flee Resulting in all of Europe having to accept millions of refugees,

Causing England to exit the EU, and

Finally causing the killing of nearly 400,000 innocent men, women and children.

FOR WHAT? To make the right wing Israeli government to feel safer?

Even spending $tens of billions every year, what are we doing?

What we are doing is so counter to the principles of the United States!!!


Write our congressmen/women now!



Atlantic Crossing

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Our town, Delray Beach, our "Village by the Sea" continues its enormous appeal to every kind of visitor whether a diner, shopper, beach aficionado or exploiters seeking to maximize their profits and ignore our Land Development Regulations (LDRs) at the cost of our residents' quality of life.

The history of our “Village by the Sea” can be found in my latest book – Delray Beach – The Renaissance of a Village by the Sea.


Here is a tip of the hat to Mayor Glickstein and our current commissioners for defending our quality of life and our LDRs. They listened to our citizens in voting against approval of the significantly over designed Atlantic Crossing. This monolith was approved by a previous mayor (our former good friend, Woody McDuffie, in his last week in office) and the then commissioners.

As we understand it the current lawsuit brought by the Ohio developer and Mr. DeSantis against the citizens of Delray Beach demands $25 million. This despite the planned density being nearly twice what is allowed under our LDRs.

So, I appreciate the important vote taken recently by our Mayor Glickstein and commissioners Petrolia, Jarjura, Katz and Jacquet. I understand that suit is to appear in the court in October. (Oh, if only they meant October, 2056).


Join me in thanking our mayor and commissioners.




To read more about the history of Delray Beach see my book, Delray Beach – The Renaissance of a Village by the Sea, and in particular for the history of the area of Delray Beach used for the planned Atlantic Crossing see Chapter 9.


2016 �?? Who can lead the way?

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2016 – Who can lead the way?

Many of us are in a quandary, as we have been every four years.

Who do we vote against?

Who do we vote for?

• Hillary can't be trusted

• Bernie will bankrupt America

• Cruz will get nothing done except anger everybody but Evangelicals (bless their hearts)

• Trump? Who knows? He has:

o Alienated Latin America.

o Angered 1.5 billion Muslims.

o Scared the hell out of lots of nations.

o Scared 11 million in America seeking only to be able to feed their families.

So, where is that "Independent Party” that we "independent thinkers" long to join and support?

Many, around 45% (more than either Democrats or Republicans), are in great need of leadership.

"Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou, Romeo?"


Syria - Where are we today?

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Each year since 1979 the U.S. taxpayer has sent $3 BILLION (of borrowed money) to Israel! In the 37 years since 1979 that amounts to $111 BILLION, much of it in "CORPORATE WELFARE."

Imagine the benefit if even one half of those BILLIONS had been spent on rebuilding our roads and bridges, on our healthcare or on increasing pay for our American teachers!

Additionally, the U.S. also has been sending $1.5 BILLION each year to the Egyptian Army for a total of or $55.5 billion in the same time frame.

Of the two Camp David Peace Accords, the First Accord was a framework of peace between Egypt and Israel.

The Second Accord was a framework for the establishment of a Palestinian state but then Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, refused to sign the Accord. And so we find ourselves not only pouring billions into Israel and Egypt but also invading Iraq to please Sharon/ Israel to remove its "enemy."

Are we doing the same thing again by declaring Syria's President Bashar Assad "our enemy" and demanding he leave office, because supporters of Israel and their "neo con” supporters in Washington, D.C believe Syria to be a threat to Israel? "Assad must go!” declared President Obama. Why? Has Assad or Syria threatened the U.S.? NO, they have not. Has it been proven that the Syrian government used poison gas on Syrians? NO. My cousins in Damascus, near the town where the gassing occurred, claim categorically that Al Qaida did that dastard deed, not Assad. But the U.S. media (especially CNN) perpetuates this misleading claim.

"Regime Change" by the U.S. hasn't been successful in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. We unilaterally invaded and destroyed Iraq, a beautiful, productive stable and secular nation.

We are spending BILLIONS of dollars in Syria seeking to oust Assad. Why? ISIS is our enemy!

Under Hillary, the U.S. ousted and killed Libya's President, Muammar Khadafy. Now, Libya is a mess and ISIS is in control of major portions of Libya in an area that produces substantial amounts of oil.

Iraq is run by the Shiite majority, ISIS (mostly Sunni Muslims who the U.S. ousted from their leadership offices under Saddam Hussein with billions of U.S. borrowed dollars), and American Military and Special Forces risking their lives. Ousting artificially any government creates a vacuum and chaos! Russia recognizes this in Syria but why doesn't the U.S. government?

So why no regime change in North Korea or Cuba or other states that have declared us their enemy? Is it because they are not in the Middle East? The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Nousra and Al Qaida will happily occupy, govern and turn Syria into an Islamic State like Iran.


In 1978, I traveled to the Middle East along with three other Americans of Lebanese and Palestinian heritage as part of an Arab American delegation on a Fact-Finding Mission. When we interviewed President Hafez Al Assad, PLO Chairman Arafat, Kings, Presidents and Foreign Ministers of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain and Kuwait as requested by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, it was clear those countries did not need the U.S. to invade, rule, or get in the way. They were friendly to the U.S., but, sadly, perceived by Israel and therefore the U.S. government to be threats to America. NOT TRUE! We've got it wrong in the Middle East.

The U.S. and all the rest of the world, except Israel, favor a two-state solution. While it wouldn't end the terrorists' hatred of Israel and the United States, and while it wouldn't stop the power struggles in the Middle East, it would significantly blunt the appeal of extremism in their efforts to enlist young Muslim men into ISIS, Al Qaida, et al.


Only Senator Bernie Sanders, a Jew who has actually lived in Israel, understands the issues. Listen to or Google his policy statements on the Middle East. He makes sense!


I reported the verbatim statements made during the meetings in 1978 by these kings, presidents and foreign ministers in my book:

The Camp David Peace Accords

35 Years Later: No War, No Peace.


The book is now available here on my web site


Thank you, Sandy


VOTE Mayor Glickstein om March 10th

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (1)

This coming Tuesday, March 10th is our Election Day!Please be sure to vote and urge your friends and neighbors to vote too!

March elections have notoriously light turnouts! Just a few votes make too great a difference.

After reviewing the candidates, I have concluded that while several are near equal in appeal except Mayor Cary Glickstein who stands head and shoulders over his opposition (despite the poisonous, ridiculous and untrue emails from former mayors Alperin and McDuffie who helped get Delray Beach into this terrible situation of Gridlock, loss of our Quality of Life, including voting for Atlantic Crossing, maintaining too high allowable densities,and 2) transferring Block 101 (former City Library and Chamber of Commerce locales) to the CRA to sell, giving away property rightfully owned by the residents "For Public use in perpetuity" with no choice or recompense to the rightful owners, the residents. They eliminated the Reversion Clause Why?

This property was generously long ago given by generous residents to their fellow citizens for public use in perpetuity For years, City Hall, Fire and Police stations were there. Now, as it is for sale by the CRA. Why?.

Transferring to the CRA to sell without the voters' approval is certainly not in the best interests of our residents.

Those two supporters of the Mayor's opposition, Mr. Carney, contributed significantly in creating the mess, the difficulties we must now endure. And we'll soon have to endure Atlantic Crossing's impact.

BUT, Mayor Glickstein has the Integrity, intelligence, Independence and a Passion for our "Small Town brand! And he has worked very, very hard these past few years accomplishing many favorable goals including

1) significantly improving the City's fiscal problems;

2) Putting out to bid the City's Solid Waste removal contract (not done while Alperin and McDuffie were Mayor, saving us taxpayers $8 million;.

3) Replaced the inept, so called City Manager Mr McDuffie voted to bring on board just days before leaving office. (that City Manager who demanded received a large sum from the taxpayers to leave, thanks to two like minded existing commissioners.

Please understand,I do not enjoy directing criticizing individuals like former Majors Alperin and McDuffie, but they continually send out poison emails to voters including me castigating Mayor Glickstein with innuendo, half truths and even erroneous statements. So, I have no choice but to try to respond..

My total commitment is to my hometown, its residents, our quality of life and its "Small town" uniqueness. I have no "sacred cows" beyond those and my church and family

I applaud loudly Mayor Glickstein, Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura who have worked so hard to reverse the pattern of giving away our town to wealthy developers

Delray Beach is coveted. We need not give"Incentives" to developers who refuse to build within our Land Development Regulations (LDRs).

Consider the extra density and height at Worthing Place(Alperin, et al), and Atlantic Crossing by former Mayor McDuffie just days before leaving office. (including giving away NE Seventh Avenue free of charge), land owned by our citizens, not owned by former mayor McDuffie.

Time will tell, of course, but it certainly looks like Mayors Alperin, Carney and McDuffie were not representing the best interests of their citizens while in office.


Atlantic Crossing developers

1) initially promised a "national anchor", Where is it?

2) U.S.#1 access of consequence,

3) did not present an authentic Traffic Impact Study and

4) is now cannibalizing Atlantic Plaza of its fine tenants and

5) are salivating over Veteran's Park, given to the residents in 1924 for "Public Use In Perpetuity)." (Watch them closely).

I urge my friends, their friends (please share), relatives and others to Please Vote to Re elect Mayor Cary Glickstein,and vote for Bruce Bastian for Commissioner whom I believe has those same vital characteristics on Integrity, Intelligence, Independence and a Passion For the "Small Town Brand" of the City Of Delray Beach.

I am convinced that together with missioners Petrolia and Jarjura our city will return to its unique quality of life, its small ambiance and we can rest assured the shenanigans of previous Commissions will have, "Gone With The Wind.!

Thank you for your interest and your time.,


Sandy Simon

Vote for Mayor Glickstein March 10

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On March 10th, only a few days from now, Delray Beach will hold a very important election. Please get out and vote!


Today's excellent majority on the City Commission,comprised of Mayor Cary Glickstein,, Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura, have been successful in turning our political culture around from "anything developers want, they should get" to "This is our city. Respect our Rules, Culture, Quality of Life and the Vision of our citizens"

Those previous Commissions approved the taking of over 100 parking places and sold the city land at give away prices of $6500 per dwelling unit to permit Worthing place. CRA demanded.

The City Commission for some ill advised reasons actually took title to Worthing Place parking garage, in an instant removing it from the City's tax base and making you and me, our city's taxpayers, pay for the lost tax revenue and make up, security, lighting maintenance and insurance.

Then, the same group of political "growth advocates" took another 100 plus parking spaces to build the near empty Old School Square parking garage. The city paid $7 million for that land while removing three employment centers. Again, pressed by and coordinated with the misguided CRA.

Then these same politicians voted to convey the land owned by the citizens and "for public use in perpetuity" where the old library and Chamber of Commerce stood to the CRA so they can sell this delicious and valuable asset and enrich itself to NO benefit to the citizens who are the rightful owners. The CRA is pushing to sell at another under - market price for a proposed iPIC 8 theater complex that should not be in the Central Business District, but a mere one block south where it would be required to provide 800 parking spaces, not 200 in the CBD

The developer estimates that 440,000 movie goers (200,000 more automobiles entering from SE Fourth Avenue? will descend on our downtown to see a movie, taking all parking spaces for many blocks and adding to our existing gridlock.

IT IS FAR TOO BIG. It would be like trying to put your size 8 or 10 foot into a size 4 shoe

Those politicians prior to today's Commission majority created such a mess in City Hall to say nothing of destroying our quality of Life and "small town" brand are at it again. They were the politicians who approved Atlantic Crossing.

Only our Commission Majority including Mayor Glickstein have reconstructed City Hall with more work to be done.

That is why I am committed to Mayor Cary Glickstein, Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura to remain in office.

Thus, I am urging all my friends and their friends to get out and vote for Mayor ZA Glickstein's re-election, and a like minded, experience replacement of Adam Ffrankel's seat which is becoming vacant.

There are several excellent candidates who have placed themselves as candidates for there "Frankel seat.

After meeting with several of them, I am urging my friends and their friends to vote for Mitch Katz. He has the better and longer experience and believes as the others say, that Delray Beach must return to its historic roots as a unique, very special "Village By The Sea."

I am convinced that Mayor Glickstein, Commissioners Petrolia, Jarjura and Katz will have the Independence, Integrity, Intelligence and Passion for keeping Delray Beach unique, special, and retain its historic culture of mutual respect, moderation, courtesy and will find the ways and means to improve our current over building, over trafficked downtown, continue to reverse the trends the CRA and past commissions.

It is not enough to sincerely want a better town, better neighborhoods,but it requires political leaders with courage and know how to find ways to achieve these needed changes.

Thank you for reading this message, paid for by no one.

Sandy Simon

Introduction my research of my new book Remembering II

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Did you know that Delray Beach is the only town on Florida's southeast coast where the first settlers owned their own land and created a "Rural Village By The Sea" culture?

Most cities are the result of "Tenant workers( West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach. tenant farmers those who purchased from northern developers (Lake Worth). And, of course, those who came to remote South Florida to "Get Lost" (And hopefully, never be found (Miami).

Delray's Midwestern culture of understatement, mutual respect and the like, from 1896 until today, 2015, remains in the DNA of the people of our special community. That culture, having nothing top do with population figures, but rather has everything to do with one's definition of a safe,enjoyable and thus coveted quality of life is where people of our community live with an psychic attitude that "Whatever is good for me must be good for the village". And whatever is good for the village must be good for me. Or it is not good for everyone in the village.

When people of a "village" community believe in that culture and have a passion for their "village" then they tend to give to the community and not seek reward from the people of that community.

Here are a few examples I have discovered researching for my new book, REMEMBERING II : "The Renaissance Of A Village By The Sea,"

In 1898 After William Linton who was found to sell lands he didn't own and didn't pay his bills left the small farming "Village By The Sea, Mrs. Sarah Gleason (Gleason Street), widow of Captain Gleason and their partner William Hunt actually GAVE to their neighbors and fellow residents for public use in perpetuity the two miles of beautiful public beaches we enjoy today.

And, in 1924 during the "Florida Land Boom", in keeping with their "village culture" Mr.James and Mrs. Elizabeth Chambers actually GAVE to their fellow residents for public use in perpetuity the entire city block adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway. That entire block is known today as Veteran's Park. In years past as "The City Park, there were shuffle board courts, a beautiful band shell where weekly concerts were held, playgrounds for children, fishing spots for all. 

Imagine what our community would be like without these magnificent, iconic benefits!

But their devotion and generosity toward their fellow residents are not alone. There are many more excellent examples of the generosity and commitment to their fellow residents over the 120 years of Delray Beach's history. Stay tuned.


Delray Beach - Vote to maintain the Village by the Sea

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If you believe as I do that Delray Beach should do all it can to do and maintain it's small town culture, respect it's history and preserve its way of life then you will vote for Cary Glickstein for Mayor and Shelly Petrolia for Commission. I urge you to pass this on to your friends and make sure all of us get to the poles and vote for these very fine people and any other candidate seeking Commission Frankel's seat if that candidate believes as you and I.