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Atlantic Crossing

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Our town, Delray Beach, our "Village by the Sea" continues its enormous appeal to every kind of visitor whether a diner, shopper, beach aficionado or exploiters seeking to maximize their profits and ignore our Land Development Regulations (LDRs) at the cost of our residents' quality of life.

The history of our “Village by the Sea” can be found in my latest book – Delray Beach – The Renaissance of a Village by the Sea.


Here is a tip of the hat to Mayor Glickstein and our current commissioners for defending our quality of life and our LDRs. They listened to our citizens in voting against approval of the significantly over designed Atlantic Crossing. This monolith was approved by a previous mayor (our former good friend, Woody McDuffie, in his last week in office) and the then commissioners.

As we understand it the current lawsuit brought by the Ohio developer and Mr. DeSantis against the citizens of Delray Beach demands $25 million. This despite the planned density being nearly twice what is allowed under our LDRs.

So, I appreciate the important vote taken recently by our Mayor Glickstein and commissioners Petrolia, Jarjura, Katz and Jacquet. I understand that suit is to appear in the court in October. (Oh, if only they meant October, 2056).


Join me in thanking our mayor and commissioners.




To read more about the history of Delray Beach see my book, Delray Beach – The Renaissance of a Village by the Sea, and in particular for the history of the area of Delray Beach used for the planned Atlantic Crossing see Chapter 9.


2016 �?? Who can lead the way?

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2016 – Who can lead the way?

Many of us are in a quandary, as we have been every four years.

Who do we vote against?

Who do we vote for?

• Hillary can't be trusted

• Bernie will bankrupt America

• Cruz will get nothing done except anger everybody but Evangelicals (bless their hearts)

• Trump? Who knows? He has:

o Alienated Latin America.

o Angered 1.5 billion Muslims.

o Scared the hell out of lots of nations.

o Scared 11 million in America seeking only to be able to feed their families.

So, where is that "Independent Party” that we "independent thinkers" long to join and support?

Many, around 45% (more than either Democrats or Republicans), are in great need of leadership.

"Romeo, Romeo, Where art thou, Romeo?"