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Introduction my research of my new book Remembering II

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Did you know that Delray Beach is the only town on Florida's southeast coast where the first settlers owned their own land and created a "Rural Village By The Sea" culture?

Most cities are the result of "Tenant workers( West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach. tenant farmers those who purchased from northern developers (Lake Worth). And, of course, those who came to remote South Florida to "Get Lost" (And hopefully, never be found (Miami).

Delray's Midwestern culture of understatement, mutual respect and the like, from 1896 until today, 2015, remains in the DNA of the people of our special community. That culture, having nothing top do with population figures, but rather has everything to do with one's definition of a safe,enjoyable and thus coveted quality of life is where people of our community live with an psychic attitude that "Whatever is good for me must be good for the village". And whatever is good for the village must be good for me. Or it is not good for everyone in the village.

When people of a "village" community believe in that culture and have a passion for their "village" then they tend to give to the community and not seek reward from the people of that community.

Here are a few examples I have discovered researching for my new book, REMEMBERING II : "The Renaissance Of A Village By The Sea,"

In 1898 After William Linton who was found to sell lands he didn't own and didn't pay his bills left the small farming "Village By The Sea, Mrs. Sarah Gleason (Gleason Street), widow of Captain Gleason and their partner William Hunt actually GAVE to their neighbors and fellow residents for public use in perpetuity the two miles of beautiful public beaches we enjoy today.

And, in 1924 during the "Florida Land Boom", in keeping with their "village culture" Mr.James and Mrs. Elizabeth Chambers actually GAVE to their fellow residents for public use in perpetuity the entire city block adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway. That entire block is known today as Veteran's Park. In years past as "The City Park, there were shuffle board courts, a beautiful band shell where weekly concerts were held, playgrounds for children, fishing spots for all. 

Imagine what our community would be like without these magnificent, iconic benefits!

But their devotion and generosity toward their fellow residents are not alone. There are many more excellent examples of the generosity and commitment to their fellow residents over the 120 years of Delray Beach's history. Stay tuned.


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