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Vote for Mayor Glickstein March 10

Posted on February 28, 2015 at 11:40 AM

On March 10th, only a few days from now, Delray Beach will hold a very important election. Please get out and vote!


Today's excellent majority on the City Commission,comprised of Mayor Cary Glickstein,, Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura, have been successful in turning our political culture around from "anything developers want, they should get" to "This is our city. Respect our Rules, Culture, Quality of Life and the Vision of our citizens"

Those previous Commissions approved the taking of over 100 parking places and sold the city land at give away prices of $6500 per dwelling unit to permit Worthing place. CRA demanded.

The City Commission for some ill advised reasons actually took title to Worthing Place parking garage, in an instant removing it from the City's tax base and making you and me, our city's taxpayers, pay for the lost tax revenue and make up, security, lighting maintenance and insurance.

Then, the same group of political "growth advocates" took another 100 plus parking spaces to build the near empty Old School Square parking garage. The city paid $7 million for that land while removing three employment centers. Again, pressed by and coordinated with the misguided CRA.

Then these same politicians voted to convey the land owned by the citizens and "for public use in perpetuity" where the old library and Chamber of Commerce stood to the CRA so they can sell this delicious and valuable asset and enrich itself to NO benefit to the citizens who are the rightful owners. The CRA is pushing to sell at another under - market price for a proposed iPIC 8 theater complex that should not be in the Central Business District, but a mere one block south where it would be required to provide 800 parking spaces, not 200 in the CBD

The developer estimates that 440,000 movie goers (200,000 more automobiles entering from SE Fourth Avenue? will descend on our downtown to see a movie, taking all parking spaces for many blocks and adding to our existing gridlock.

IT IS FAR TOO BIG. It would be like trying to put your size 8 or 10 foot into a size 4 shoe

Those politicians prior to today's Commission majority created such a mess in City Hall to say nothing of destroying our quality of Life and "small town" brand are at it again. They were the politicians who approved Atlantic Crossing.

Only our Commission Majority including Mayor Glickstein have reconstructed City Hall with more work to be done.

That is why I am committed to Mayor Cary Glickstein, Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura to remain in office.

Thus, I am urging all my friends and their friends to get out and vote for Mayor ZA Glickstein's re-election, and a like minded, experience replacement of Adam Ffrankel's seat which is becoming vacant.

There are several excellent candidates who have placed themselves as candidates for there "Frankel seat.

After meeting with several of them, I am urging my friends and their friends to vote for Mitch Katz. He has the better and longer experience and believes as the others say, that Delray Beach must return to its historic roots as a unique, very special "Village By The Sea."

I am convinced that Mayor Glickstein, Commissioners Petrolia, Jarjura and Katz will have the Independence, Integrity, Intelligence and Passion for keeping Delray Beach unique, special, and retain its historic culture of mutual respect, moderation, courtesy and will find the ways and means to improve our current over building, over trafficked downtown, continue to reverse the trends the CRA and past commissions.

It is not enough to sincerely want a better town, better neighborhoods,but it requires political leaders with courage and know how to find ways to achieve these needed changes.

Thank you for reading this message, paid for by no one.

Sandy Simon

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