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VOTE Mayor Glickstein om March 10th

Posted on March 7, 2015 at 10:50 PM

This coming Tuesday, March 10th is our Election Day!Please be sure to vote and urge your friends and neighbors to vote too!

March elections have notoriously light turnouts! Just a few votes make too great a difference.

After reviewing the candidates, I have concluded that while several are near equal in appeal except Mayor Cary Glickstein who stands head and shoulders over his opposition (despite the poisonous, ridiculous and untrue emails from former mayors Alperin and McDuffie who helped get Delray Beach into this terrible situation of Gridlock, loss of our Quality of Life, including voting for Atlantic Crossing, maintaining too high allowable densities,and 2) transferring Block 101 (former City Library and Chamber of Commerce locales) to the CRA to sell, giving away property rightfully owned by the residents "For Public use in perpetuity" with no choice or recompense to the rightful owners, the residents. They eliminated the Reversion Clause Why?

This property was generously long ago given by generous residents to their fellow citizens for public use in perpetuity For years, City Hall, Fire and Police stations were there. Now, as it is for sale by the CRA. Why?.

Transferring to the CRA to sell without the voters' approval is certainly not in the best interests of our residents.

Those two supporters of the Mayor's opposition, Mr. Carney, contributed significantly in creating the mess, the difficulties we must now endure. And we'll soon have to endure Atlantic Crossing's impact.

BUT, Mayor Glickstein has the Integrity, intelligence, Independence and a Passion for our "Small Town brand! And he has worked very, very hard these past few years accomplishing many favorable goals including

1) significantly improving the City's fiscal problems;

2) Putting out to bid the City's Solid Waste removal contract (not done while Alperin and McDuffie were Mayor, saving us taxpayers $8 million;.

3) Replaced the inept, so called City Manager Mr McDuffie voted to bring on board just days before leaving office. (that City Manager who demanded received a large sum from the taxpayers to leave, thanks to two like minded existing commissioners.

Please understand,I do not enjoy directing criticizing individuals like former Majors Alperin and McDuffie, but they continually send out poison emails to voters including me castigating Mayor Glickstein with innuendo, half truths and even erroneous statements. So, I have no choice but to try to respond..

My total commitment is to my hometown, its residents, our quality of life and its "Small town" uniqueness. I have no "sacred cows" beyond those and my church and family

I applaud loudly Mayor Glickstein, Commissioners Shelly Petrolia and Jordana Jarjura who have worked so hard to reverse the pattern of giving away our town to wealthy developers

Delray Beach is coveted. We need not give"Incentives" to developers who refuse to build within our Land Development Regulations (LDRs).

Consider the extra density and height at Worthing Place(Alperin, et al), and Atlantic Crossing by former Mayor McDuffie just days before leaving office. (including giving away NE Seventh Avenue free of charge), land owned by our citizens, not owned by former mayor McDuffie.

Time will tell, of course, but it certainly looks like Mayors Alperin, Carney and McDuffie were not representing the best interests of their citizens while in office.


Atlantic Crossing developers

1) initially promised a "national anchor", Where is it?

2) U.S.#1 access of consequence,

3) did not present an authentic Traffic Impact Study and

4) is now cannibalizing Atlantic Plaza of its fine tenants and

5) are salivating over Veteran's Park, given to the residents in 1924 for "Public Use In Perpetuity)." (Watch them closely).

I urge my friends, their friends (please share), relatives and others to Please Vote to Re elect Mayor Cary Glickstein,and vote for Bruce Bastian for Commissioner whom I believe has those same vital characteristics on Integrity, Intelligence, Independence and a Passion For the "Small Town Brand" of the City Of Delray Beach.

I am convinced that together with missioners Petrolia and Jarjura our city will return to its unique quality of life, its small ambiance and we can rest assured the shenanigans of previous Commissions will have, "Gone With The Wind.!

Thank you for your interest and your time.,


Sandy Simon

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