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Syria - Where are we today?

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Each year since 1979 the U.S. taxpayer has sent $3 BILLION (of borrowed money) to Israel! In the 37 years since 1979 that amounts to $111 BILLION, much of it in "CORPORATE WELFARE."

Imagine the benefit if even one half of those BILLIONS had been spent on rebuilding our roads and bridges, on our healthcare or on increasing pay for our American teachers!

Additionally, the U.S. also has been sending $1.5 BILLION each year to the Egyptian Army for a total of or $55.5 billion in the same time frame.

Of the two Camp David Peace Accords, the First Accord was a framework of peace between Egypt and Israel.

The Second Accord was a framework for the establishment of a Palestinian state but then Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, refused to sign the Accord. And so we find ourselves not only pouring billions into Israel and Egypt but also invading Iraq to please Sharon/ Israel to remove its "enemy."

Are we doing the same thing again by declaring Syria's President Bashar Assad "our enemy" and demanding he leave office, because supporters of Israel and their "neo con” supporters in Washington, D.C believe Syria to be a threat to Israel? "Assad must go!” declared President Obama. Why? Has Assad or Syria threatened the U.S.? NO, they have not. Has it been proven that the Syrian government used poison gas on Syrians? NO. My cousins in Damascus, near the town where the gassing occurred, claim categorically that Al Qaida did that dastard deed, not Assad. But the U.S. media (especially CNN) perpetuates this misleading claim.

"Regime Change" by the U.S. hasn't been successful in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq. We unilaterally invaded and destroyed Iraq, a beautiful, productive stable and secular nation.

We are spending BILLIONS of dollars in Syria seeking to oust Assad. Why? ISIS is our enemy!

Under Hillary, the U.S. ousted and killed Libya's President, Muammar Khadafy. Now, Libya is a mess and ISIS is in control of major portions of Libya in an area that produces substantial amounts of oil.

Iraq is run by the Shiite majority, ISIS (mostly Sunni Muslims who the U.S. ousted from their leadership offices under Saddam Hussein with billions of U.S. borrowed dollars), and American Military and Special Forces risking their lives. Ousting artificially any government creates a vacuum and chaos! Russia recognizes this in Syria but why doesn't the U.S. government?

So why no regime change in North Korea or Cuba or other states that have declared us their enemy? Is it because they are not in the Middle East? The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Nousra and Al Qaida will happily occupy, govern and turn Syria into an Islamic State like Iran.


In 1978, I traveled to the Middle East along with three other Americans of Lebanese and Palestinian heritage as part of an Arab American delegation on a Fact-Finding Mission. When we interviewed President Hafez Al Assad, PLO Chairman Arafat, Kings, Presidents and Foreign Ministers of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain and Kuwait as requested by Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, it was clear those countries did not need the U.S. to invade, rule, or get in the way. They were friendly to the U.S., but, sadly, perceived by Israel and therefore the U.S. government to be threats to America. NOT TRUE! We've got it wrong in the Middle East.

The U.S. and all the rest of the world, except Israel, favor a two-state solution. While it wouldn't end the terrorists' hatred of Israel and the United States, and while it wouldn't stop the power struggles in the Middle East, it would significantly blunt the appeal of extremism in their efforts to enlist young Muslim men into ISIS, Al Qaida, et al.


Only Senator Bernie Sanders, a Jew who has actually lived in Israel, understands the issues. Listen to or Google his policy statements on the Middle East. He makes sense!


I reported the verbatim statements made during the meetings in 1978 by these kings, presidents and foreign ministers in my book:

The Camp David Peace Accords

35 Years Later: No War, No Peace.


The book is now available here on my web site


Thank you, Sandy


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