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What Can We Learn from the Recent Supreme Court Nomination Process?

Posted on October 9, 2018 at 9:05 PM

What Can We Learn from the Recent Supreme Court Nomination Process?

Since the creation of our beloved United States of America, we have enjoyed liberty and opportunity. Among those most important pillars that citizens of many other nations do not enjoy are trust in our justice system and freedom of the press. Our nation is a Republic whereby we freely elect our representatives who make laws in our name. We are a democracy in that each of us has the right to vote as we choose. But that right has a concomitant responsibility that requires all of us to vote in our elections. Democracy works only when we vote!

In our 250-year history, only twice have all our qualified citizens in every town, hamlet and village voted: first, to sever their colonial status with King George in 1776 and again to confirm our Constitution and create our United States. Theirs were united goals. Imagine, the people of the thirteen colonies with little but their small farms and simple lives challenging history with an experimental form of government.

“We the people of the United States…” How quaint to us today. But these opening words of the Constitution that created a new form of government have enabled us to become the most powerful economic and military nation in the world. Our democracy works!

But it only works when the citizens assume their responsibility to protect these liberties by VOTING and being actively involved in their government at the local and national level in midterm and general elections.

Over the past sixty years, an average of only 40% of eligible voters cast ballots in midterm elections. In Presidential elections, just 60% of registered voters actually participated. These turnouts are too low to reflect the opinions of independent/moderate citizens and others who are not hard core members of the two main political bases. We should become at least 80% active in our electoral process.

During the past four months, all American have witnessed the tribal wars as our two major political parties with their counter prejudices battle each other in the “Advise and Consent” responsibility of the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee and Senate to approve President Trump’s proposed appointment of Circuit Court Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We cannot allow anyone but the best, most independent, non-biased, wisest individual to be seated on the U.S. Supreme Court. No selection should satisfy prejudices of any political party.

During recent years, these painful and fruitless political wars between our two political parties are driven by the so-called base of each; that is, the “extreme right” of the conservative Republican Party and the “extreme left” of the liberal Democratic Party. It has become clear that the governance of these United States of America has been left to the most active, most vociferous and extreme elements of both parties.

Since the years of the Richard Nixon era there has been a noticeable absence of the so-called “silent majority” including Independents and Moderates. As a result, by default, they have forfeited the governance of our country to the tribal far left and far right.

So, what can we learn from this debacle of the current nomination process of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and his confirmation by the Senate Judicial Committee and the full Senate?

We must learn that it is imperative all Americans cast their ballots for their Congressional Representatives and Senators in primary and general elections just as the colonists in favor of the Revolutionary War of 1776 and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1783.

All Americans must accept the responsibility and blessing of the right to vote for the candidate of our choosing. That is what liberty is all about.

The electorate of the United States is at a crossroads as evidenced by these political, prejudiced tribal wars that cause unnecessary gridlock and lack of wise and proper compromise. The powers of the extremists must be reduced by the simple addition of a more diverse electorate that is composed of Moderates, Independents and others.

By understanding the current political issues, listening to various arguments on all sides, and casting our vote, we, the American people, will add our silent majority vote to those of the far left and far right.

Our opinions do matter! Participation in our electoral process will bring diversity and broader representation of all the people and truly fulfill the opening words of the Constitution: “We the people of the United States!!”

Exercising your freedom to vote is an important lesson we must all learn!


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