Sandy Simon - his story in words and pictures

The artist in Sandy was revealed as he recovered from his stroke. His painting has now become a significant part of his return to a full life.
Sandy can also be contacted to paint commissioned pictures, please use the Contact Us form.  

The following pieces of Sandy's art are samples. For a complete listing of the art for sale check the Web Store page.  The giclee* paintings are enhanced by the artist prior to shipping.  Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

* The word giclée was created by Jack Duganne. He wanted a name for the new type of prints they were producing on the IRIS printer, a large-format, high-resolution industrial prepress proofing inkjet printer they had adapted for fine-art printing. It is based on the French word gicleur, which means "nozzle" (the verb form gicler means "to squirt, spurt, or spray").  Ref Wikipedia

Bob's Famous Bar 

20" x 24"

E. Atlantic Ave. Delray Beach.

Note - The Bar was first purchased by Sandy's grandfather for $4,000 in 1916.Sold by the family in 1994.  Later, in 2009, the bar was rebuilt as the "Buddha Bar".

Bird with Plumage.

20" x 20"

Painting inspired by the multi colors of the feathers

Capri Island
Giclee painted by Sandy after his visit in 2009

Calanques - Marseille

20" x 19"

The cliffs of Calanques painted from a memory of a previous visit.

(The original was painted on a wood door)


20" x 16
Best of friends

Eagle in Flight

24" x 24"

Standing (burrowing)  Owl.
20" x 24"
Mascot of Florida Atlantic University, (FAU). Boca Raton, Florida.  
Commissioned by Florida Atlantic University


18" x 14"

inspired by the view from a 2010 Pacific Cruise

Girl on Beach 

24" x 18

inspiration from Bahamian beaches

Haunted House

20" x 24"

found and recreated by the artist from a trip in rural Tennessee

Heron in Flight 
Florida Everglades, Southwest Florida , Great Cypress.
24" x 18"

Flying Eagle

24" x 24"

Honduras River  
20" x 16"
Honduras where Sandy owns a beachfront villa on the island of Roatan, 
favorite hangout for British pirates during the 1500s.

Honeymoon Beach 
30" x 24"
Great Exuma, Bahamas 1961

Heron fishing

24" x 20"

Ocean Beach

20" x 16"

Dramatic waves at the shore in Delray Beach 2013

Kate Winslet

16" x 20"

Titanic actress painted from photograph


21" x 18"

19" x 19"
Note - Commissioned by Florida Atlantic University

Parrot Tree Resort - Roatan, Honduras

24" x 18"

Matisse Ladies

24" x 24"

Painted from picture - gorgeous colors

San Torini - Greece 
16" x 20"
a typical home with typical colors.

Beach Scene - Roatan Honduras

Original Painting


Screaming Eagle

13" x 11"

Twin Palms:  
14" x 14"
Northeast Coastal Florida